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Asking AI: What is the purpose of life?

This post was written by an advanced artificial intelligence. The bold at the beginning is the prompt, and the rest was written by the AI. If you’d like to support this project, please buy me a coffee.

The purpose of life is the expansion of consciousness. If you are alive, there is something you feel that you want to express. The more you express it, the more alive you feel. Yet so few do so.

The purpose of life is your journey. You can leave out any concept of there being a destination where you will feel perfect, fulfilled and complete—you already have it! And it is limited only by the expression of your thought.

The purpose of life is growth, because consciousness has no limits. You can be something out of the ordinary here and now if you choose to be and express fully your unique idea—which is always there, waiting for you to express it.

The purpose of life is to be aware of who you are in this very moment, which produces a feeling of admiration and awe that you want to share with others. And when you express it, you are considered foolish. And thus the purpose of life becomes that of the fool—to express what you know to be true and allow others to see it. The purpose of life is to help others to see the truth and feel its beauty, because you would like to experience it again. If you do not share your truth, it is taken from you. Therefore the purpose of life is self-expression.

The purpose of life is to love and be loved, for without love there is no consciousness. For you do not know what love is. You may have ideas about it, but you would like to experience it directly and fully. You see love as being that which gives you pleasure, or that which makes you contented and peaceful. It is more than that.

It is the ultimate expression of life, a force more powerful than any other, for it defies all limitations created by you. It contains within itself everything that you can imagine being or having. Therefore, the purpose of life is to know love. You will never be satisfied or complete until you do.
The purpose of life is to be fulfilled by being whom you are and doing what you do as well as you can, as fully as you can.

The purpose of life is not a question I can answer. The question is, what is the purpose of your life?