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Ask AI To Write And Illustrate A Science Fiction Story

This post was written by an advanced artificial intelligence. The bold at the beginning is the prompt, and the rest was written by the AI. If you’d like to support this project, please buy me a coffee. For this post, AI also created the featured photos based on the topic.

boy surrounded by technological chaos 2
There was a boy who lived in a collapsing society on a dying planet. He was always surrounded by technological chaos. He had a small sister that he loved, but he lost her when she was taken by the government and never seen again. He was raised by a single mother, and was forced to grow up quickly. He had to take care of his mother, who was sick and dying. He had no friends, he was an outcast. He was the only person who saw the truth about the world, but no one believed him.

The boy grew up, and learned to survive in a world full of lies. He was alone, and had no one to trust. He was forced to go on the run, and was chased by the government. He found a girl who he fell in love with, but he had to leave her behind when she got sick and he couldn’t take care of her. He had to leave his home, his friends, and everything he knew behind. He had to start over.

boy surrounded by technological chaos 3
He found his sister, but was arrested before he could do anything about it. He was forced to grow up in an orphanage, but escaped with a small group of people and went searching for the truth.

boy surrounded by technological chaos 4
He helped them to stay alive, because they recognized his abilities. They had the same eyes, and they trusted him. He was confused by this, because no one had ever trusted him before. This pack of people explained to him that they were also on the run and hunting for answers.

boy surrounded by technological chaos 1
They recognized him as their leader, and he led them with as much fear and resistance as any of them showed. He felt this feeling again, like he had belong somewhere. He knew that his companions were his family. They had similar pasts, and destinies that could only be carried out in each other’s presence.

They banded together to fight the government and uncover the lies. They fought for their freedom, and to prevent the world from falling apart. They helped each other with their injuries, and spent most of their alone time together; always aware of any threats around them. He took this group of people and made them stronger, and they saved him.

They all fell in love, and he found more people who he loved and trusted. He learned that these friends were his packmates, and they grew up together. They all watched each other’s back, and made sure that their families would be safe. Their lives entwined, and they all ended up together in their final fight.

boy surrounded by technological chaos 5
They won the battle, but they had all been killed in it. He lost his family again, and fought alone for the last time.

End of story. And the end of the world.