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Ask AI To Write A Story About Anything

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Once upon a time, there was a man who was very good at his job. He was a carpenter, and he made beautiful chairs and tables and beds. He built houses for people and barns for animals. He made toys for children and dishes for their mothers. He made tables for people to eat on, chairs for them to sit on, and beds for them to sleep in. He made these things so well that people all over the world came to him to buy them.

This man had a wife and two little children, and they lived in a small house near the edge of a forest. It was a nice house, but it was very small. It had only one bedroom, and the man and his wife slept in that bedroom with their two little children.

The man made enough money to take care of his family, but they were never very rich. He was a good carpenter, but he was not a very good businessman. He was too trusting and too generous. He trusted people, and he gave things away all the time.

One day, the man went into town to buy some lumber for a new table he was building. He stopped by a toy store to buy a toy for one of his children. He bought the lumber first, and then he went into the toy store.

The man bought his son a small wooden airplane, painted green and red with white wings. It was a very simple toy, but it was very beautiful. When he got back home, he showed it to his children. His son was very happy, and his daughter was very jealous.
“Why do you get the airplane?” she asked her brother. “I want an airplane!”

The man looked at his daughter. She was only two years old, and she had never had a toy before. He thought for a moment, and then he said: “I will make you an airplane. I will make it out of wood just like this one, and I will paint it green and red with white wings.”

He took the toy back to the store the next day and traded it in for some wood. Then he built a plane for his daughter out of the same kind of wood that he used to build tables and chairs and beds. He painted it green and red with white wings just like the one he had bought for his son. He finished the plane on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning he gave it to his daughter.

“Oh, thank you!” she said. “It is beautiful!”

The girl played with her airplane all day. She flew it around the house and around the yard. She flew it over the forest and over the hills. She flew it down to the river and back again. She was so happy with her new toy that she did not even notice that her brother was very angry.

The boy took his airplane out of his room, where he had hidden it when he saw what his father had made for his sister, and he threw it in a trash can outside by the road. Then he went into his room and cried because he did not have an airplane anymore.

That night, when the man came home from work, he found a note on his door: “Father, I traded my airplane for this ball!” The man looked at the ball in surprise, then he went inside and found his son sitting on the floor.

“Why did you throw your airplane away?” the man asked his son.

“I don’t have one,” said the boy. “I threw it away because I was mad. I thought you gave it to your daughter.”

The man looked at his son, and then he knelt down and hugged him very hard. He held him for a long time, and then he said: “Come with me to the trash can outside by the road. I will get your airplane back for you.”

The boy went with his father to the trash can, but there was no airplane there anymore. It was gone, just like all the other things that had been thrown out that day by their neighbors and friends. The man told his son that he would make him another airplane out of wood just like this one, and he would paint it green and red with white wings.