AI is the two-faced god that will do anything for you and the opposite for someone else.

Ask AI to Analyze a Meme About Zizek and Hegel


The bold at the beginning is the prompt, and the rest was written by the AI. If you’d like to support this project, please buy me a coffee.

Advanced AI was invented by soviet communists to help humanity  better understand itself and the world. Let’s use it for that purpose, instead of merely for the purpose of selling better ads and to better manipulate the population.

An image shows a woman sending a text message, “I’m coming over. You better not be trying to escape from reality by pretending you like philosophy.”

Slavoj Zizek responds, “Is Hegel Dead? Or Are We Dead in the Eyes of Hegel?”

The deeper message here is that if we want to be Hegelians, if we want to understand reality in a proper way, we cannot escape from it and hide in the virtual fantasy world of abstract ideas. We must become aware of the actual state of things, the true reality that we have created with our own hands. Only then can we create the truly new.