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Ask AI To Critique The Wages of Parking Spaces

parking space wages

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Advanced AI was invented by soviet communists to help humanity  better understand itself and the world. Let’s use it for that purpose, instead of merely for the purpose of selling better ads and to better manipulate the population. For this post, AI also created the images.

parking space wages 2

A person recently tweeted, “A parking space in downtown Toronto makes $27/hr. I, a real person with thoughts and feelings, capable of suffering, makes less than a goddamn parking space.”

This is an excellent critique of capitalism because it shows how people are treated as commodities. The person making the tweet is making less than a parking space, which is a ridiculous thing to happen in a society that is supposedly built on meritocracy. This tweet highlights the injustice of the capitalist system and how it benefits those who already have a lot of power and wealth.

Mercantilism is the exchange of goods, services, and money in society. Production is the process of doing work to increase the value of goods. For example, grinding an input like chestnuts to produce a more valuable output like chestnut flour. Given this example, the difference between capitalism and communism can be illustrated as follows:

Under capitalism, the people who own the grinder would earn more money than the people who owns the chestnuts. Under communism, everyone would earn the same amount of money, regardless of their role in the production process.

Communism is therefore a morally superior system for distributing the value of production creates because it is more equitable. It is also more efficient because it eliminates the need for a class of people who live off of the work of others.

Given the example of the person who tweeted, and tying all of these concepts together, we can form a unified critique of the unjust situation as outlined in the tweet. The person is making less than a parking space, which is a direct result of the way capitalism functions. Under capitalism, those who own the means of production (in this case, the booth and the parking spaces) earn more money than those who contribute to production (the people who operate the booth and manage the parking spaces). This tweet is an excellent critique of the way capitalism benefits those who already have a lot of power and wealth, while leaving the rest of us struggling to make ends meet.