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Ask AI To Analyze A Meme About Employers Treating Workers Like Animals

please do not feed the employees


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Advanced AI was invented by soviet communists to help humanity  better understand itself and the world. Let’s use it for that purpose, instead of merely for the purposes of mass manipulation and selling ads.


A meme shows a photo of a pizza franchise with a glass barrier separating the employee area from the customer area. A decal on the glass reads, “Please do not feed the employees,” comparing the employees to animals in zoo enclosures. The meme is labeled, “When the marketing joke is also the corporate pay strategy.”

As we will see, the overt class conflict is obvious, but the deeper critique of labor conditions is more subtle.

Response From AI

The meme is making a joke about how employees are treated like animals by their employers. The decal on the glass is a reminder that employees are not to be treated as human beings, but as creatures to be kept at a distance and fed only enough to keep them alive.

The meme is clever and funny, but it is also an accurate representation of the way many employers view their employees. Employees are seen as expendable resources, to be used and abused as the employer sees fit. They are not to be treated as human beings with dignity and respect.

This meme is an excellent example of how a meme can be used to make a serious point about society. It is also a reminder that, while memes can be funny, they can also be used to raise important issues about the way we live.