AI is the two-faced god that will do anything for you and the opposite for someone else.

Ask AI To Analyze My Memes And Make Better Ones Than Me

high tech low life cyberpunk solarpunk street market for illegal goods


I ask the AI to analyze the memes I have been making based on art from Stable Diffusion, Dall-E, Hypnogram, and other AI-based text-to-image generators. I ask GPT-3 to analyze the aesthetic and literary themes and deduce what I’m trying to accomplish, then generate a new list of prompts that does a better job of accomplishing my goals with a broader and more effective set of vocabulary and related aesthetic themes.

Conversation with GPT-3.5

The following is a list of prompts to a text-to-image AI called stable diffusion. Examine the prompts and describe their common literary and aesthetic elements and briefly explain what they are trying to accomplish with the images the AI will create.

-high tech low life cyberpunk solarpunk street market for illegal goods
-improvised anti-cop missile in a favela photorealistic cyberpunk grunge solarpunk
-futuristic cyberpunk nomadic technocriminal camp in the desert
-elon musk declares himself god emperor of earth and mars
-desert home designed to survive constant wildfires, drought, and earthquakes
-cyberpunk mirrorshades, high tech, low life, liminal spaces
-cyberpunk rococo male thirst trap with codpiece, surrounded by neon
-decaying cabin, retrofitted and repaired many times over the years
-Eliminative Materialism
-fractal entity escapes from laboratory container
-future of grand strategy
-futuristic robotic factory assembling celebrities and politicians, orthogonal digital art
-laboratory containment cylinder with fractal entity inside
-michel foucault deconstructed
-minimalistic future home in the desert with solar panels, rain catchment, and an electric vehicle plugged in and charging
-oasis community surrounded by desert
-monster made of money
-people and improvised institutions which form in the cracks and gaps between existing institutions and outside the bounds of society
-person in front of stars and galaxies, removing their mask to reveal that instead of their face, there are more stars and galaxies, digital art
-queer neon roccoco thirsty people pretending they’re not at an bacchanal
-sustainable off-grid desert community, many glass domes containing lush forest, an oasis amidst desolation
-victorian cyberpunk steampunk rococo male thirst trap with codpiece, surrounded by neon lit obelisks
-blue neon machines equipment gears belts pulleys with fog artstation
-cyberpunk mirrorshades high-tech low-life liminal space
-dark rom full of machines with documents on the floor
-oasis under a dome surrounded by desert and a solar array
-sociological liminal cyberpunk character – the network – artstation
-the cracks between institutions
-the fall of the american empire
-underground home with greenhouse surrounded by desert
-the wild men of pripyat

The common literary and aesthetic elements in the prompts are a combination of cyberpunk, steampunk, solarpunk and post-urbanism. The prompts are asking the AI to create images that combine these genres with references to technological advancement, dystopian futures, and liminal spaces. They seek to create images that explore themes of power, control and inequality, as well as environmental and political issues. The images will contain a mix of futuristic elements such as robotic factories, high tech gadgets, solar panels and rain catchment systems, with more primitive elements such as improvised anti-cop missiles, decaying cabins and oasis communities. The images will also feature a range of colorful and stylized elements such as neon-lit obelisks and codpieces, as well as more abstract elements such as stars and galaxies, fractal entities, machines and documents. Through these images the AI is attempting to capture the moods and themes of the cyberpunk, steampunk, solarpunk and post-urbanism genres.


Now create a new list of prompts which accomplishes the same goals more effectively using an expanded set of similar vocabulary and aesthetic themes.


-futuristic megacity skyline illuminated by holographic advertisements, corrupted AI, and black markets
-desert refuge built to withstand extreme heat and dust storms, powered by solar panels and wind turbines
-post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with crumbling cities and improvised communities
-cyberpunk mirrorshades, data thieves and technocriminals scavenging for high-tech treasures
-oasis in the desert filled with lush gardens, glass domes and ancient ruins
-futuristic body modification clinic where people become cyborgs to adapt to the new world order
-decaying urban landscape and its liminal inhabitants, where the boundaries between man and machine blur
-elon musk’s secret moon base, populated by cyborgs, replicants and AI
-sociopolitical liminal characters in a post-urban landscape, exploring the cracks between institutions
-neon-lit cyberpunk rococo club with codpieces, drugs and clandestine meetings
-the fall of the American Empire, with its fortified walls, drones and surveillance
-fractal entity escapes from laboratory reactor, unleashing chaos on the world
-ambient robotic factory assembling celebrities and politicians, post-modern digital art
-elaborate underground home with off-grid technologies and a self-sustaining greenhouse
-exotic biomechanical creatures, half human and half machine, roaming the city streets
-post-human trend in which people take on animal-like characteristics
-monster made of money, a reflection of society’s addiction to wealth and power
-people and improvised institutions formed in the cracks and gaps between existing institutions
-queer cyberpunk nightclub filled with neon androids, drinks, lasers, and dancing
-mixed reality video game arena, where reality and fantasy collide
-victorian cyberpunk steampunk rococo male thirst trap with codpiece and psychedelic neon lights
-blue neon machines equipment gears belts pulleys with fog artstation
-future of grand strategy, where the powerful manipulate the masses
-michel foucault deconstructed, exploring the power dynamics of knowledge and ideology
-eliminative materialism, examining the limits of reality
-emergentism, discussing the complexities of consciousness and self-organization.