AI is the two-faced god that will do anything for you and the opposite for someone else.

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  • Asking AI About Gerrymandering

    There are two ways to end gerrymandering: through the courts or through the ballot box. The first way, through the courts, is a long-term solution. It would require a constitutional amendment to change the way districts are drawn. The second way, through the ballot box, is a short-term solution. It would require states to pass…

  • Asking AI About Startup Culture

    The thing no one seems to get about the culture around tech startups is that it’s a new culture. It grew out of a new kind of commerce, a different politics, a new economic ethos. New modes of commerce drive new modes of governance. New modes of governance drive new kinds of politics and citizenship.…

  • Asking AI For A Simple Model of the Modern World

    If we combine the perspectives of foucauldian discourse analysis, interstitial sociology, fourth-dimensionalism, and marxist theory, then it’s possible to create a simple model of the modern world; one which explains the underlying structure of our society.

  • Asking AI to Analyze Memes: When I Was Your Age

    Asking AI to Analyze Memes: When I Was Your Age

    When an old person argues, “When I was your age, I had a house, a wife, a career, and two kids.” And a young person responds, ‘daddy doesn’t know the irreducible ontological incompleteness of the reality.” What the young person means is that if they want to be happy, they must shift their paradigms, and…

  • Asking AI to Analyze Memes: Creating Income Online

    When one looks at the  body of strategies and discourse around the idea of creating sources of passive income, one is left to conclude that there is a lot of money to be made. The truth is that most of the strategies are not new. They’ve been around for decades and they are simple, time-tested…