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Ask AI To Analyze The Tanky Response to the Russia-Ukraine Situation

leftists defending russia instead of ukraine

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A meme shows a man holding a gun, labeled “The west defending ukraine against invasion.” He is pointing the gun at a man labeled “Russia, a fascist corporate dictatorship that imprisons communist opposition.” A man is diving into the path of the bullet, labeled “Leftists for some fucking reason.”

The core message here is that the left is acting in an objectively pro-fascist manner in its position on the Ukraine conflict. How? By taking sides with Russia, a country that is currently debating whether to invade and annex the sovereign Nation of Ukraine. That would be a fascist move.

What’s fascinating is that the left’s position on this is not officially pro-Russia or even neutral. The left is favorable to the Ukrainian position in this dispute, one which opposes the Putin regime because it threatens the independence of Ukraine. In fact, leftists who support the Ukrainian position are being called pro-fascist because they are siding with the country under attack.

This, of course, is precisely what all people of conscience should be doing. We should oppose Putin because he is a threat to Ukraine and a threat to our common project of building a free, peaceful and just world.

Although Russia is definitely a nationalist AND an imperialist State, its people are constantly harrassed and threatened by US imperialism (which is the most powerful and aggressive today) since 1991 – it was the dream of Brzezinski to destroy Russia as a unified political entity once for all. To defend Russia (or China) against these imperialist aggressions doesn’t imply to back its regime ; it is just a realistic and an anti-imperialist positioning.

I think that Western leftists should raise their voices against Putins imperialist policies in the region and support the Ukrainian population. This will help to build a strong internationalist movement.

Some of your comrades in Russia claim that there is a divide between the Russian working-class and Putin’s government, which bases itself on the Russian bourgeoisie and the state bureaucracy. How accurate is this? Is there an independent workers’ movement in Russia that opposes Putin?

The working class in Russia is at the center of international capitalism in time of war, and they are much more radicalized than it was in the past. The working class is the living force that can create change and I believe that they will play a central role in building a new world.

The Western European left has been utterly reactionary and ineffectual in the face of the dramatic changes brought about by austerity policies, most notably in Greece and Spain. How do you think the leftist movements in the West could better respond to this global economic crisis?

In my opinion, it is necessary to fully understand the nature of the economic system that has been imposed on us in order to build a strong internationalist movement. This is the first step.

Afterwards, we must clearly establish our position vis-à-vis international capitalism, and emphasize our opposition to austerity and militarism. We must respond militantly, but also critically to the efforts of increasing militarism and imperialism.

We should develop and strengthen a new universalistic vision, opening new ways of thinking and acting, proposing a powerful and attractive alternative to neoliberalism. To do this, we must begin to create the foundations for a new “social power”, learn from the past in order to overcome our weaknesses and those of other leftist organizations.

Finally, we must educate our members and the general public, we have to change their minds, to transform their perception of social phenomena towards a more radical and militant position.

I hope that global Western left will find a way to build more and more anti-capitalist movements and parties, while deepening its critique of capitalism. If this happens, I think we will have a powerful alternative to neoliberalism and militarism, which will allow us to change the situation.